The Perfect Tequila & Taco Pairings

Oct 10, 2023

Tequila and tacos are a match made in heaven. The combination of the two creates a perfect balance of flavours that can satisfy any craving. However, not all tequilas and tacos are created equal. To truly experience the perfect pairing, it's important to know which tequilas complement which tacos.

Tequila Types

Before diving into the perfect pairings, it's important to understand the different types of tequila. Here are the main types of tequila:

  • Blanco (also known as silver or white)
  • Reposado
  • Añejo

Each type has its own unique flavor profile, ranging from the crisp and clean taste of blanco to the rich and complex flavors of extra añejo.

Pairing Tequila with Tacos

Blanco Tequila

Blanco tequila is the most traditional type of tequila and is often used in classic margaritas. Its clean and crisp taste pairs well with seafood tacos, such as shrimp or fish tacos. The lightness of the tequila doesn't overpower the delicate flavours of the seafood.

On Cantina del Barrio's Menu, we reccomend:

El Tequileno Blanco 38%:

Pairing: Dive into the bold flavours of this tequila with our Fish Tacos. The cooked agave notes will harmonize with the cod fish, creating a vibrant and refreshing experience.

Casamigos 40%:

Pairing: Elevate your palate with the clean and crisp Casamigos Blanco Tequila alongside our Chicken Tinga Tacos. The subtle hints of citrus and vanilla will complement the zesty chicken, making each bite a delight.

Mijenta BLANCO 40%:

Pairing: Indulge in the aromatic and complex notes of Mijenta Blanco with our Spicy Pork Tacos. The unfolding hints of cantaloupe, honey, and cinnamon will dance with the bold spiciness of the pork, creating a fiesta of flavours.

seafood tacos

Reposado Tequila

Reposado tequila is aged in oak barrels for a minimum of two months, giving it a smoother and more complex flavor than blanco tequila. This type of tequila pairs well with grilled meats, such as carne asada or chicken tacos. The smoky flavours of the grilled meat are complemented by the subtle hints of oak in the tequila.

On Cantina del Barrio's Menu, we reccomend the following pairings:

El Rayo Reposado 40%:

Pairing: Revel in the richness of El Rayo Reposado with our Carne Asada Tacos. The full-bodied, nutty complexity will complement the grilled meat's smokiness, creating a satisfying and hearty combination.

Arette Blanco Reposado 38%:

Pairing: Experience the vanilla and light bourbon notes of Arette Blanco Reposado alongside our Black Bean Empanadas. The subtle spices and black pepper will enhance the earthy flavours of the beans, providing a balanced and intriguing taste.

Fortaleza Reposado 40%:

Pairing: Delight your senses with the distinct character of Fortaleza Reposado paired with our Chicharonnes. The citrus, caramel, and cooked agave aromas will mingle with the rich, savory taste of pork, delivering a unique and flavourful meal.

carne asada tacos

Añejo Tequila

Añejo tequila is aged in oak barrels for a minimum of three years, resulting in an incredibly smooth and complex flavour. This type of tequila pairs well with decadent and rich tacos, such as beef or lamb. The complexity of the tequila enhances the richness of the meat.

On our Menu, we reccomend:

Don Julio Añejo 38%:

Pairing: Immerse yourself in the vibrant blend of lime, grapefruit, and mandarin citrus aromas of Don Julio Añejo with our Mushroom Tacos. The rich touch of caramel and complex expressions will elevate the earthy mushroom flavours for a truly indulgent experience.

Herradura Añejo 40%:

Pairing: Sip and savour the Herradura Añejo alongside our Beef Birria Tacos. Aged in white oak, this tequila's smooth palate with vanilla and caramel notes will perfectly complement the succulent and smoky beef Birria.

Corralejo Añejo 38%:

Pairing: Enjoy the refined sweetness and smoky undertones of Corralejo Añejo with our Pulled Pork Tacos. Aged for 12 months, this tequila's soft vanilla, agave, and white pepper spice will dance with the rich flavors of the pork belly, creating a harmonious taste experience.

lamb tacos


Tequila and tacos are a match made in heaven, but the perfect pairing requires some thought. By understanding the different types of tequila and their unique flavour profiles, you can create the perfect pairing with your favorite tacos. Whether you prefer seafood, grilled meats, or bold and spicy flavours, there's a tequila out there that will complement your tacos perfectly!