Feb 14, 2024

When Cheltenham transforms into the epicentre of jump racing, with the Gold Cup week drawing visitors from all corners, the energy in the town is electric!

Yet, amidst this whirlwind of excitement, there lies a hidden gem on Bath Road, promising a unique dining experience that balances vibrancy with tranquillity – Cantina del Barrio.

A Quieter Meal Out, Without Missing the Fun

Cantina del Barrio offers a rare find during the Cheltenham Races: a spot where the rowdy crowds seem a world away, yet the spirit of the event is very much alive.

Providing a "quieter" meal out doesn't mean dull or lifeless. On the contrary, our restaurant is bursting with energy and fun, set against a backdrop of Mexican décor and filled with the aromas of delicious dishes that promise an immediate escape to the heart of Mexico.

four person earring on black wooden table
Bar area or restaurant - it's up to you!

Why Cantina del Barrio Stands Out

Location, Location, Location: Situated on Bath Road, we're just far enough from the centre to offer a respite from the crowds but close enough so you won't miss out on the Gold Cup's electric atmosphere.

Vibrant Atmosphere: Our restaurant is designed to be both welcoming and exciting. With colourful interiors and lively music, we keep the festival spirit going, offering a slice of Mexican festivity in Cheltenham.

Mexican Cuisine: From tantalising tacos to crunchy empanadas, our menu is a carefully curated selection of Latin american & Mexican dishes, each prepared with fresh, locally sourced ingredients and a modern twist.

people eating inside of cafeteria during daytime
We serve fully loaded Tacos - the most authentic in town

The Cantina Experience During Gold Cup Week

Gold Cup week at Cantina del Barrio is not just about escaping the crowds; it's about embracing the best of both worlds. Here, you can enjoy the thrill of the races and then retreat to our restaurant for a meal that calms and delights. Our team are dedicated to providing impeccable service, ensuring that your meal out is as smooth and enjoyable as the margaritas we serve.

Booking Your Spot

With the buzz of the Gold Cup, securing a table at Cantina del Barrio is highly recommended. Reservations are open, and we welcome race-goers and locals alike to experience the best of Mexican hospitality during one of Cheltenham's most exhilarating weeks.

man in black t-shirt holding stainless steel bowl
Cantina del Barrio - Mexican Restaurant on Bath Road Cheltenham


How far is Cantina del Barrio from the racecourse? Just a short taxi drive away, we are located on Bath Road Leckhampton. You'll also find many independant pubs on Bath Road too! 

Do I need to book in advance for Gold Cup week?  We highly recommend booking in advance to secure your spot, but we will be taking walk-ins where possible too.

Do you raise your prices for gold cup week? Absolutely not! 90% of hospitality venues in Cheltenham raise their prices for the week, but we would never. We also share the same owners as a town centre pub that also doesn't raise their prices: The Sandford Park Alehouse